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I look so ridiculous right now

I planned to get so much work done but I just spent the past 45ish minutes trying to chill outside on the balcony and get some sun but there are stupid wasps on the light!! I really want to kill them so I can sit out there. So I was reading about ways to kill wasps and I found this wasp trap thing that you can make out of a liter bottle so I tried it. If someone saw me on my balcony through their window they’d see this girl going out unto the balcony, staring at the ceiling and running inside over and over again. Then I come out with this weird contraption thing and just keep staring at the wasps and running inside again.

THEY ARE NOT GOING IN THE BOTTLE. I want to hold it up to them but I’d probably freak out and throw the bottle off the balcony and fall off. 

Great now I’m pretty sure they’re mating. 


oh my goodness I need to do my homework. 

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  1. flutewaves said: Hahahhaha I love you. We can still call maintenance… :P
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